November 30, 2009
●Cleaning Up Campaign in Kiritimati.

We began cleaning up of this lagoon beach at the most densely populated area in Kiritimati 5 years ago. This beach was full of rubbish because of lagoon current.

Beach clean-up conducted in October 2004.
before   after

5 years since then...

The same location in November 2009.

Even though rubbish is still brought in to the beach by current every day, it remains a lot better than prior to the beach cleaning up 5 years ago. Obviously one wants to maintain the place neat and tidy after cleaning up. Action speaks louder than words and co-effort towards beautification will certainly change the mentality. This beach is a great example and fruit of rubbish management awareness programme on the island.

Empty cans thrown away spread around on the island back in 10 years ago are now well collected.

Civil servants on the island have begun collecting rubbish once in every two weeks for one hour at the administrative area two years ago. Participation by the government to waste management is a great leap forward.

We have conducted cleaning up activity around the hospital in Ronton by participation of volunteers among junior high school and high school students this year.

●Public Outreach Programmes and the Awareness Concerts

We were invited to graduation ceremonies of St Francis High School and Itoini Mainiku High School and conducted Public Outreach Programmes and the Awareness Concerts.
Vocal: TEX(、Guitar:KinKin Shikima (Music Eight)

●Dispatching “Eco Message Card” to those who concerned in Kiribati.

In order to promote more of our activities the “Eco Message Card” signed by the Mayor of Kiritimati Island, Mr Tim Taekiti, and the Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Kiribati in Japan, Mr Tokugoro Kuribayashi, were sent to the Beretitenti (President), all Cabinet Ministers and Secretaries, media, churches and others. It may take over 6 months to reach them, though...


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