On Establishment of
@"Christmas Island Clean Up Fundation"

In association with the wonderful island called "Christmas Island", we are all being called here tied with common bonds to perform divine will.

The proposals made here are to start the unprecedented and very inportant jobs originated from the uncontaminated "Christmas Island."

It is the proposal to make a modern "Shangri:La" on the beautiful "Christmas Island" by protecting them from the greatest, unsolved and impending human problems of environmental destructions caused by water pollution and disposals of waste materials generated in daily lives, which are deeply connected with the population increases.

In the process of pursuing the objectives, it is utterly important for us, the present generations, to give "bright future" and "clear destinations" to our children who are to live in the 21st century. At least I so believe.

Therefore, wouldn't it be swonderful if you perticipate in our activities and your small efforts become the first stepping stone to save our sick Mother Earth?

We woud be very much appreciated if you fully understand our intentions and join to our programs.

Tokugoro Kuribayashi
Honorary Consul-General of Republic of Kiribati

CCUF Activities Report

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