Activity Report December 1, 2008
Visited Tarawa to Introduce CCUF’s Activities.
The Republic of Kiribati consists of 33 islands archipelago, and its capital, Tarawa, is a home for over 40% of the national population that houses Presidential Office, Government Offices, National Stadium and many other national facilities. Because of its large population and rapid urbanisation, waste management is a serious challenge on Tarawa. Due to its proximity to Australia, however, recycling industry targeting Australia is there and that increased awareness to waste management among the residents is greatly anticipated.

●Public Outreach Programmes through the Out-door Awareness Concerts.

At the public outreach programme, we introduced the activity of the CCUF and delivered the message “Mix then Just Garbage, Separate then Good Material.” Furthermore we conducted daily out-door concert to maximise the awareness, which was aired by Television Kiribati, a sole TV station in Kiribati. The banner says “Mix then Just Garbage, Separate then Good Material. We Love Kiribati”
Vocal: TEX(、Guitar:KinKin Shikima (Music Eight)

●Audience to HE the Beretitenti

The Beretitenti (President) of the Republic of Kiribati HE Anote Tong.
Audience to HE the Beretitenti to convey CCUF’s past activities and future plans. Gratefully endorsement was given.

Kiribati Newstar paper reported our activity:
“3 officials from an environmental organisation, Global Cleaning Campaign, are on Tarawa from last Tuesday for environmental and beautification related activities. The leader, Hiro Sukeyasu, told Newstar that it is important to revert the level of human activities to that of 100 years ago in order to save this planet and its environment and that preserving environment will secure happy and healthy living. This organisation has been engaging into environment preservation and beautification of Kiritimati. Wastes on the beach and waste oil management have been serious problems on the island. Their visit to Tarawa this time, for about a week, will assist their future activities.

Aluminium can buying programme for recycling has begun 2 years ago. The residents are now collecting cans for cash.

Reported our activity to the Counsellor of the Embassy of Japan in Fiji, Mr Orisaka. The Embassy covers not only Fiji but Kiribati, Tuvalu, Nauru, and Vanuatu. 2009


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