Activity Report August 5, 2005@@
Shipping the first furnace in the world of coconut-fuel type for aluminum cans to be set at Eco Museum in Christmas Island
As you see that about 4cm3 aluminum ingot is made from only 3 cans.
Local aluminum products with eco message will be dispatched to the world market in

The furnace manufactured with cooperation of San-Giken Corporation and Tokyo
Furnace Industries company to be set at Eco Museum in Christmas Island.
The test conducted to confirm to achieve enough temperature, 700 degree Celsius to melt cans by using local coconut shells from Christmas Island. We could see clear smoke from the chimney. The capacity of the crucible contains about 200 cans. This furnace is to ship in August from Yokohama and to be used in the demonstrated in October on island.
Furnace with the thermometer
intake coconut from Christmas Island
crushed 200 cans in crucible
dipping up melted aluminum from crucible


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