Picture Card Show

1, Do you like ice candies? After you eat ice candies, where the plastic bags of package go? Do you know?

2, With the winds, the plastic bags come to the sea. Swinging on the waves, they look like jellyfishes!

3,A turtle comes there. Turtles like jellyfish very much. He mistakes the plastic bag for jellyfish.

Hey, it is not jellyfish.

4,Oh, donft eat it!  It is a plastic bag!  But, the turtle doesnft know that. He ate the plastic bagc.

5,Then, the turtle died at last. Not only this turtle, but also many turtles died for plastic bags around the world.

6,Next, in your house, you use many plastic goods. For example plastic bottles, trays and styrene foams. After use, what do you do with them? If you throw them away, where the garbage go?

7,The plastics are crushed to small pieces by sunlight and waves. They look like eggs of insects.

8,Now, a sea bird comes here. Sea birds like eggs of insects very much. She mistakes the plastic pieces for eggs. Hey, itfs not an egg of insect.

9, Oh, donft eat it! It is a plastic piece! But, the sea bird doesnft know that.

10,Then, the sea bird died at last. Not only this bird, but also many sea birds died for plastic pieces around the world.

11,Then, how can we manage plastic garbage? Wellc Letfs burn them!

12,The plastics burn very well with black poison smoke. The birds in the sky seem very sick. hPlease help us!h

13,Then, it comes to rain. So with the rain, the plastic ashes go into the ground.

14,The plastic ashes are deadly poison. But they go into the lens water. Wow, the pure water will be very bad water.

15,Hey, donft drink the water! But, none knows that. They drink the bad water everyday.

16,Then a child gets sick at last.  Not only kids but also adults and next generation will be sick.

17, By the way, after drink, the cans of beer and juice, what do you do with them? To make cans, we use much energy. So, if you throw the cans away, it is same that you throw energy away. 

18,To make such energy, we burn much oil around the world. And we make much CO2.

19,Much CO2 makes the earth warm, and it melts the ice in the North Pole and the South Pole.

Then the melted water comes to the sea, and the sea level goes up.

20, Wow, if we do like this, the island will sink under the water. Then what can we do?

21, So letfs recycle!  To recycle energy, we can reduce CO2.

We recycle cans to make ingots or other things. But, recycling of plastics is difficult. Because there are so many kinds of plastics. So, now we bury them underground. Donft throw them away, donft burn them. Then we and the animals can live safety.

gIf you throw away, they will be garbage. If you collect and separate, they will be resources.h

Please remember the words and make this island beautiful.

Produced & Drawn by Yusaku Hino, ecology planner


Copyright 2001-Christmas Island Clean Up Foundation