Activity Report October 27, 2003
1. coin campaign


This campaign executed by sending the message " YOUR RUBBISH IS GOOD FOR YOU; DON'T WASTE IT, BUT RECYCLE IT" to be conveyed to the school students. About 620 students from two primary schools participated in. After separation of the collected garbage, aluminum cans are recycled and has its value to be sold in the market. To let children know gRubbish can be recycled , can be new material,and can be soldh, CCUF bought from participated children at A$0.1=10 empty cans and A$0.1=1 bag of just plastic , just bottle,or just steal (mixing bags were not acceptable). This is why one aluminum can has the value of A$0.01. The bags also furnished with the school students.

About 40,000 cans has been collected in a single day. This is equal numbers of ten times of the population of this island by 620 school students.

2. Environment education by using picture-cards show at all schools

œoutline of picture card show; title: "Grandpa Tooma's Sea"

Data-Picture Card Showy>>z

Many years ago, Grandpa Tooma was a master of fishing, but after he got the injured, he quitted fishing any more. Pita, grand son visited grandpa to tell that it was seldom to see the fish in the sea recently. Grandpa took Pita to the sea to know the sea environment by himself. He was so shocked to see the worse environment and became ill in bed. Pita condemned himself and discouraged. When Pita was crying in the beach, a sea goddess appeared and gave him to understand the clean up the dirty sea and recover the illness of his grandpa.

He started to study the recycle garbage system and to know it was materialized from the recycle garbage. With his friends, Pita continued to collect and separate the garbage in the sea and beach. At this moment, he received the letter from the captain of Garbage Recycle Vessel and they brought the garbage to the vessel. But it was not good to be upload on the vessel for its poor separation and the captain and Pita re-separated the garbage.

After one year, they recovered the beauty and cleanness of the sea and beach and grandpa recovered his sick.

Now Pita become the captain of the recycle garbage vessel and collecting the separated garbage in the Oceania countries.

3. gThe Worst Spothphoto contest

10 Polaroid cameras and 600 films were furnished with 5 schools in the island to take photos of the most worst spot in terms of the environmental purpose from the view point of school students.

An aim of gThe worst spothphoto contestF
Once children recognized the worst spot, they will discourage to dump the garbage and it leads to change their attitude against the garbage. They start to think the change of the worst spot of this year.


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