Activity Report October 17, 2006
●The first production of 5kg-Ingot from recycle aluminum
5kg-Ingot (60 cm length) were produced from 420 aluminum cans collected in the island by only local coconuts as fuel in the furnace. We have produced 24 ingots in three days. 5kg-Ingots have a good dealing price in the global market.

Process to produce the ingot
1. to crush cans to be stored in the crucible
2. to prepare dry coconuts shell as fuel
3. to throw crushed cans into the crucible
4. starting to dissolve and melt
5. to run melt aluminum into the mold
6. aluminum ingot completed
7. other trial accessory fish-shape-ingot
8. amount of ingots manufactured in 3-day-work
9. amount of ingots manufactured in 3-day-work

■Quantity of aluminum cans
   one ingot from 420 aluminum cans
   about 1,500 cans in 3-day-work (500 x 3 days)

●We have issued and delivered the first environmental text book in the national.
The text books on the environmental education were delivered all school, 2 high schools, 1 Junior high school and 3 primary schools in the island. Each student over 5 and 6 grade have one test book featuring the domestic issue on the garbage, global warming.


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