●Winner from IMHS, second prize : Anuie Iteata


Garbage is the rubbish which are man-made resources such as wrecked cars, lorry, cans and so on. These equipment refer back to the ones that lie everywhere on the land and also in the sea water. However, these garbage could make pollution to the soil, water and the air.

What basically I'm going to talk about is soil pollution. Soil pollution is defined as messing up the soil with chemicals, wastes, oil and the misuse of insecticides. These elements come from the wrecked cars, equipment, drums and so on that lie everywhere on the ground. This will spread out the chemicals and oil on the ground and kill many insects. Wastes and oil can also flow to the soil and destroy the organisms including the plants. Nevertheless, plastics and diapers can also destroy or kill many plants by having these things around them which hinders water to flow in by covering them with plastics. This would hold their respiratory system and kill them.

In addition, water pollution is another problem that is caused from the garbage. As we know, some of the wastes are thrown away to the sea water and also on land. For instance, on Christmas Island garbage such as big equipment and cars were thrown away to the sea near the old wharf at London village. This place is called メTabon-te-keeモ. Those equipment and vehicles had been lying there for many years. As a result, the chemicals and oil flow into the sea water and made the sea polluted. Small fishes which are living under those equipment and vehicles can be poisoned or get ciguatera in them by getting foods from these things. Furthermore, on land garbage can be seen everywhere. Most of them were at the places where no one lives, lying everywhere for ages. This will damage the places for insects and organisms. Despite, chemicals and oil which come from the equipment and vehicles will flow into the ground and reach the water lens. This will poison the water and affect every water that lie underneath the ground. Thus it would make people who drink water from the well ill. However, pregnant women who drink this water will their babies deformed.

Finally, the air pollution. Itユs defined as the pollution of air by the dust, smoke and sulphur oxides. In the first instance, dust can be found in the waste land. When the garbage lie on the land for ages, they will biodegrade and turn into dust. Then the wind will blow the dust and pollute the air. Also, smoke is caused by the burning of the garbage. For instance, if the people burn the garbage, the smoke like carbon monoxide will come out of the burning garbage and spread out in the air. This will pollute the air so badly. Moreover, sulphur oxide is a chemical that comes from the automobile exhaust. This means that the automobile might be categorized under the garbage because it gives out black toxic smoke.

All of the above pollute the soil, water and the air that comes from the garbage. It's bad for the people living land with no sense of recycling or proper disposal.