Ultra quiz on Ecology at Christmas IslandI

These quizzes were made for the understanding of environmental issues close to yourselves and you can answer them easily.
Lets begin !

PCThe animals and human beings are breathing in the oxygen in the air and breathing out the carbon dioxide. The oxygen is inevitable to live in the earth, as you know. Then how is the oxygen produced in the air ?
`Afishes in the sea aAtrees and plants bAman is making in the factory

QCIt is indispensable for the animals and us to live a life with trees and plants, but the forest is destroying across the world. Then how large is the destroying forest compared with the size of Christmas island in a month ?
`AFive times larger aATen times larger bATwenty times larger

RCIt needs the huge energy to produce the aluminum from the original sources, but it can save energy and economy to recycle the aluminum from the dumped aluminum cans.
Then what will be the equal energy consumption of electricity to recycle one aluminum can when compared with the produced energy from the original resources.
`AThe electricity to used one-hour-TV-watching aAthree-hour-TV-watching@ bAten-hour-TV-watching

SCThe plastic is very convenient receptacle to use in a various way, but it is very hard to recycle owing to its many kinds. Then what will be the worst solution to dispose the plastic ?
`Ato throw away anywhere@
aAto bury under the ground at one time
bAto burn them after the collection

TCYou may aware of the global warming. The temperature of the earth is getting warmer by too much consumption of the energy, the destroying the nature and the increase of the carbon dioxide in the air. What is the wrong answer on the phenomenon of the global warming ?
`AThe sea water level is becoming higher by melting the ice in the north and south poles@ aAUnusual weather occurs in the earth bAit increases the crop harvest by getting warmer

UCYou may understand that the environmental issues are linking to our daily life strongly. Then the last question is what is our action we should take to solve the environmental issues of the earth ?
`Ato leave this issue to the developed countries @@@ aAto convey the protection message of environment to the world while we are taking the action what we can undertake bAleave it as it is and do nothing from our side.