Activity report on November 1, 2005@@@
Installation of the furnace and test for the fuel experimentation
1. One set of coconut shell-fueled furnace was installed in the Eco Museum, aluminum recycle plant.................As the model plant of the aluminum recycle, one set of furnace was installed by using the coconut shells as fuel, seen anywhere in the island
a set of coconut shell-fueled furnace from Japan
installation work completed at C zone in Eco museum

2. Test for the fuel experimentation.................The test for the burning the coconuts shells was conducted with the witness of local government staff. We could collect the correct data of the temperature-rising and extract some issues we should contrive.
secretary, educational officer and doctor
by using coconut shells as fuel, after forty minutes the temperature reached to 700 degrees centigrade, melting point of aluminum is 660 degrees C. After seventy minuets, it reached 800 degrees C, ninety five minutes 850 degrees C.

the chart of burning experimentation
date and time : November 4th, 2005 15:00 ` 17:00 hour
temperature : 28 degrees C, humidity : 42 %

temperature and numbers of coconut shell

temperature of furnace
numbers coconut shells into the chamber
i half coconut shell counted as one (1) piecej
Pmin 172 50
10min 460 +12
16min 570 +13
20min 580 +12
22min 600 +12
26min 605
30min 660
33min 530 +32
35min 697

660 +15
40min 700 +19

50min 724 +24

55min 740
60min 730
63min 780
67min 800 +20
68min 800 +19
@F @F
90min 850

itotal 273 piecesj

Beach Clean Up at Lagoon side
As same as last year, two high school students cleaned up at lagoon side of London with us, especially where the waste accumulated and its close area

Session on environment
The session on the aluminum recycle system and known of recycle model plant were held at two high schools. (Material distributed for session) And the ultra quiz was conducted on environmental issue, (Ultra quiz data) The basic knowledge on waste issue, the global warming were interpreted and recycled paper notebook, recycled glass were shown as samples recycled in Japan

Essay and painting contest
Essay contest of the theme on the environment was conducted by two high schools to research their consciousness on environmental issue. Among 23 applications, we have selected 15 essays to be published in the subtext book and 7 for the prize winners. 3 were from each high school plus one special winner. Also we have selected some excellent paintings to be published in the subtext book.
Winner of the special prize : Robusi Iab

Winner from IMHS, first prize : Buranqke Tabokai
Winner from IMHS, second prize : Anuie Iteata
Winner from IMHS, third prize : Kario Emta

Winner from SFHS, first prize : Kabuta Mwaneaua
Winner from SFHS, second prize : Uriam Tanoata
Winner from SFHS, third prize : Tiraumoa Erua

Painting a signboard of Eco museum
One signboard of eco museum was designed and painted by the volunteers from two high schools who will look after this plant in the near future


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